The first blog post


I’ve always loved cemeteries. Growing up there was a small Protestant one in my town that my family would pass by whenever we went for walks. Little me would peer in at the headstones and trees through the fence surrounding it and try and make out the names and dates. It wasn’t until I was in my late teens that I realized that the gate was never locked –- this place was open to anyone curious enough to open the latch and yet was always vacant. After that I would walk through the little cemetery almost everyday and my childish wonder turned into a genuine fascination and appreciation of these places.

Cemeteries are unique in that in housing the dead, they are really a celebration of life. Every stone is the story of an entire being, and harshly condensed story, of course, but a story none the less. And even the smallest of stories, like the smallest of lives, has value and deserves to be shared.

Cemeteries are universally welcoming, no one is out of place and so life continues, being lived out between the stones. Children play, couples walk, men and woman wander or just sit, but all of them are continuing, they are living and writing the next chapter into the stones.

So what is this blog all about? I am writing about this life, exploring this life, and sharing it whenever I see it. This is about finding the beauty of humanity and endurance where it is least apparently found: where we go to visit the dead.

In more tangible words I am going to be discovering and retelling the life stories, as much as I can find them, of those buried in local cemeteries. I am also going to be sharing the life I see currently being lived out in these places. Sound like fun? I think so too.


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