Walking in the Rain

20160926_145503It was raining Monday when I walked to Union Cemetery. This wasn’t at what I had hoped for, pictures needed taking and rain usually isn’t the best for cameras, but it turned out better than I could have hoped. The rain stopped and started all day, just enough here and there for me to not get totally drenched and be able to get a ton of pictures. (See album for more of these!)

Union Cemetery is as of yet my favorite in the area. Firstly because its huge, and I’m not a big believer in bigger is better, but in this case it certainly help. You can get lost in here, and while the houses, shops and a road are close by, there are so many trees they aren’t always visible. On one side it slopes down to a valley and the whole area (like most of the Ohio Valley) is all hills and small valleys cutting into it.

There was no one there the day I went (mostly because of said rain) but almost everyday I’ve been there before there have been people there. Some running, others just walking through or going on picnics, it remains quiet always but active and full of life.

Union cemetery is one of the oldest in the area, the oldest grave I could find, or rather I couldn’t find it but found a sign for it, was the grave of a veteran from the war of 1812, Col. James Collier.

One of my favorite parts of the cemetery is the honor it still gives to the veterans buried there. Every veterans grave is marked by a flag and some indication of what war they served in, with one exception. While over a thousand veterans of the Civil War are in the cemetery only those who served in the Union are marked as such, all Confederate veterans were buried as civilians. I honestly don’t know why this is, other than long standing prejudice.

So there’s a little bit of this beautiful cemetery, I’ll have some actual stories for you all over the next couple of days. Until then, enjoy the pictures and go out and explore a little.


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