How They Are Remembered

20160926_153046 One of the more distinctive features of Union Cemetery is the variedness of wealth and grandure displayed in the headstones.

This can be seen in greatest contrast in the mausoleums that scattered one part of the cemetery. There are only three of these in the entire grounds and they are each owned by a single family. These are by far the grandest monuments in the cemetery, complete with little paths leading up to there doors and small stained glass windows (honestly they look a bit like little fairy tale cottages). The wonderful part is that right next to them are tiny headstones, likely those of much poorer men and woman, some only marked with there initials or a simple “Mother” or “Brother.” There is no segregation. One class might be marked more richly, but they are all lined next to each other.20160926_160939

They aren’t the only large ones or ones that represent an entire family however. The McCooks for example, or the “Fighting McCooks” as they were popularly known, also have a large monument, but it is much plainer and none of them members of this family are buried in it. Rather they are all clustered behind it, almost as though it is both a marker and a divider, keeping their modest graves to themselves.


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