Home Again Home Again


I went back home this weekend (yes, again) for Thanksgiving to spend time with my family and took my boyfriend along, like ya do. And this is all relevant, so hang with me.

One of the days I was home ended up being spent showing my bf around my little downtown. Along the way we decided to stop by the little cemetery that first sparked my interest in them. We ended up just wandering around together for a good half hour, just enjoying the space together and taking pictures. And I honestly don’t have any deep thoughts or interesting tidbits to share, it was just a pleasant little while spent with my best friend. At its heart it was a wonderful opportunity to practice what I’ve been talking about on this blog: we went there because it was beautiful and welcoming.

Its a gorgeous little cemetery, just big enough you can wander, but not so big you can’t see most of it at once. Its a little piece of peace in a bustling town and a wonderful place to just be, without any expectations or roles to fill. It was special in a way I can’t find the words to express because of its simplicity, but I just want to take this as a opportunity to invite you to get out and visit one. Take a friend, go by yourself, but just go for a little while. Its simple, but some of the best things in life are.


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